Jahnnalee & The Furry Kiddos
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Jahnnalee & The Furry Kiddos

A feel good comedy family!

Jahnnalee & The Furry Kiddos are the purrfect blend of comedy, cuteness, and camaraderie! With her award-winning filmmaking skills, Jahnnalee has created a pawsome collection of viral videos starring her furry kiddos, Gizmo and Starleena, two long-haired chihuahua comedians, and Cashmere the feline-fluencer with a purr-sonality. So, grab a comfortable seat, get ready to sit, stay, and laugh, and join this whisker-licious troupe for a purr-fectly entertaining adventure with this furrific family!

We hope you enjoy the Jahnnalee & The Furry Kiddos merchandise :)

Socials: @Jahnnalee @TheFurryKiddos

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